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Don’t use XMOD app will crash your device

#Don’t use XMOD Android app will crash your device.

Today I am sharing my new experience.Which is Don’t use XMOD app will crash your device.so, today I say why crash. so, Now follow all text and enjoy 🙂 Let’s start.

X-MOD is a helpful app which is work just for the android rooted device.people like this too much. Mainly android gamer. Because some game you can mod. some online game it helps too. like cheating.You get more fun in this app but it’s harmful your device.Generally, it uploads some data information. And also try to access your device.


  • It can slow your mobile device.
  • It can make your device high temperature with reducing your battery life also.
  • It will damage your android phone android system or operating system.
  • when restarting your phone it takes more time than after. Because it crashes your android operating system.
  • you will be suspended some android features.
  • Sometimes it also problem when you can’t use this time but it work too.
  • So, I recommended you uninstall your X-MOD app.


when you 1st time open this app when app say first root your device so you root your device.when you root your device your device auto to manually control.Your device can’t check auto harmful app. Then your android mobile comes virus you can’t know how to it come.Mainly your device can’t check what is working.It totally your device going to help damage. When you root your device then you remove/ lost your mobile warranty too. you can’t get solutions your mobile. So, some mobile company now try to protect to stop rooting.


When your mobile going to damage now you first remove your device root access how to remove root READ this article. Then you can rest your mobile device (recommended if some issue).Now, all done.your device get back life again enjoy.. 🙂

ENJOY hope you like …..

Thank you

#So use trick And enjoy  

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