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How to SEO on youtube Part 1

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#How to SEO on youtube  part 1

Today lesson How to SEO on you tube. SEO means search engine optimization. It’s one of the most important things You must do. Or you can’t get rank. SEO just automatic serve people. If you can Good SEO so you can get more views and you tube search engine shows better position.So I am now some Tricks about SEO. Just two methods Just follow this step by step.

Method no 1 (pc):  

  • If you are pc users : must need google Chrome And download this extractions Now DOWNLOAD NOW and add your chrome .
  •  Now link your channel.
  • This tool help your increase your rank , Get Idea, Get highly people search videos , And auto video tags suggest And more.
  •  Now go your you tube > edit your video> go tag section see under the tag sections see suggest click it wait few sec  Now click add all or you can chose your tag follow this pic

  • click *** button get more tag ..add tag  and click save Tag sections you can just use 500 letters
  • If you want see another channel video tags so open video click Tag and see tags.If you use this tag copy it and past it your tag sections follow this pic
  • This tool also shows tag ranks 1 to 20
  • If you use copy tag open your pc any text editor If your video is “make money online” search it you tube and open first 5 videos Copy all 5 videos tag and use 5 videos top 5 all tags if tag shorts you can use first 10 all tags .
  • That’s it you can use this method It’s also so easy for Newbie .

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