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YouTube some secret features must see

#YouTube some secret features must see  

Today I am sharing my new experience.Which is YouTube some secret features. Easter eggs are shrouded mystery pieces of stuff which are placed in programming or sites by their designers to give some amusing to the end clients. Fundamentally these Easter eggs are covered up in the UI and you have to know the correct strides to uncover them.

These hidden Easter eggs are present in YouTube video search pages. If you want to do this magic I am going to show you how to do this magic on youtube.

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youtube some features published for youtube lover.That lover can love more.You can change youtube front style with various color, background style and background change, youtube funny dancing and so on.Now check under text then you can use or do it.

For the Front change: “Doge meme

Go your youtube search options and search “Doge meme” then see your youtube style and font change.

For background change:”Webdriver Torso

Go your youtube search options and search “Webdriver Torso” then see your youtube background change.

For animations music and Dancing:”Do the Harlem Shake

Go your youtube search options and search “Do the Harlem Shake” then see animations music and Dancing.

For animations:”Use the Force Luke

Go your youtube search options and search “Use the Force Luke” then see animations you can turn another to another.

ENJOY hope you like …..

Thank you

#So use trick And enjoy  

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